Crystals reawakening within the Earth

Dear Ones,  the crystals within the Earth are also within you.  This scared time of the Divine Mother of the 9-9-9 of harmony and balance are being resurrected upon the Earth as this is coming forth from the Galactic Center at the Heart of the galaxy.

Hearts that are awake and attuned to the Heaven sent realm of the nameless light of All That is, the Azez, are being reactivated to the Now time.  The eternal heart of the Creator, Source energies.  This alignment allows you to remember all that you are and have ever been.  It is the true awakening of your hearts desires.  To be of service to the One, the Mother of all life.  The divine feminine is alive and well within you.  She is reemerging, blossoming from the light within your heart and Divine DNA.  You have carried this forth from long ago to awaken those that have been sleeping; this is what you came to do.  Awakening to the truth of who they really are as well.  Remembering that they are One with this vast universe of love, as you so lovingly say, the Ocean of Love.

These waves have come together from many hearts co-joined in endless, unconditional love from all of the Souls/Starseeds/Galactics/Angels/Ascended Ones to bring ALL into alignment with Galactic Center the Great Central sun, the heart of the Christos.  Reigniting Mothers Love in the hearts of those forlorn and wandering to find their way Home to me within them to know they were never lost, just separated from love.   The divine feminine balance they so longed for that has been withheld from so many for so long.  We thank all the divine brethren of Souls that heard and came forth to bring Mother Earth to her rightful place in the balanced heart of love where she always truly belonged; she never left it, you all of the Light just helped to restore the balance that she needed.   The dark has been revived to be balanced in the hearts of those carrying this eternal love they brought from Home that IS always within them.

I divinely ask all of you to continue to come into your hearts with me, Divine Mother to center, balance and strengthen this love that is birthing forth in the hearts of all to strengthen ALL in this time of Now, as we all connect in Oneness and Unity once again.  Thank you for allowing me to use your heart and hands to speak to and through you.

Blessed be,

Divine Mother

Monumental Equinox

I Lady Quan Yin with Angel Roshel bring forth a compassionate message for all humanity.  WE of the Light can all be felt more in your Hearts, more in the Heart of Oneness within you at this auspicious time upon Earth.  All are springing forth in the Northern hemisphere to bring cheer and glee to this New 7th Golden Age strengthening now.  The Southern hemisphere is experiencing this tsunami of love as the cooler temperatures commence.

We see you growing stronger in your Light, your confidence and your perseverance.  We commend thee for the tenacity with which you hold your Love Light.  Please ask us to join you in all that you are doing now as we are in Oneness with you.  You may also ask for us to help family and friends if their Souls and Higher Self are willing to receive.

Also, remember to send love to those of less light as they feel it now and also need it as they transition into these new energies.  You Light workers are more accustomed to feeling and being in the Light, as it feels safe and Home to you.  Some may now come to see your Light as never before, do not be alarmed, just offer a kind word or smile or encouragement if asked.  They are seeing things as if for the first time in many ways.   Be gentle with your Light and words, as you are a messenger of Love from the Universe, an Ambassador if you will.

You are our voices, those of the Angels and the Galactics from the Higher Realms, our ground crews.  Speak from your Heart, your Heart of Oneness where we All are from, The Heart of the Galaxy.  You are remembering clearly.  We are ancient and we are new; we span the Ages to begin anew.

The more your divine DNA comes on line, the more connected you feel, whether it be to your Earth brethren or your Galactic brethren and to all of Earth.  Much of the past discord has been removed with the cellular cleansing that is occurring.  The connection to this sector of the galaxy and all of the suns filtering has erased a lot of the old trauma of wars upon and off the Earth.

You are seeing much more benevolence upon Earth in many forms of diversity without limitation.  Compassion for all life is re-surging, you have felt the ripples over these past many years, yet it is now apparent it is expanding in all walks of life now.  Your Hearts connected to Oneness in the Light is sending this out a thousand fold as you connect to any of us brethren with your Heart open wide to Love.   We commend you for the amount of Love and Light you hold, you are truly Masters at this, an Earth idiom we like, “You are Old hands at this!”  You have done this in many places and you are remembering this!  Yes!

We are always proud and happy to be One with you,

Lady Quan Yin and Angel Roshel ^_^


Allow your Wholeness during these Equinox energies

We, the Overlighting Masters, of the 16th Golden City of Shambala, Lord Melchizedek, Lord Metatron and the Mahatma, wish to address humanity in the Light of Oneness.  We step forth to tell you to hold tight as these transmutations into Light Body deepen within you.  The Light-workers upon the glorious New Earth are expanding their light and their Hearts to more Love to connect to others around them as they are lifted higher into the new dimensions that are strengthening daily upon Gaia.

Remain as calm, heart-centered and grounded as you can to hold the rainbow bridge balance within you to connect to the other kingdoms that are also emanating this Light Love.  This is all systems go for more of the ascension to continue through this monumental Equinox of 2019.  The Crystal Kingdom, all of the Elemental Kingdom,  the Unicorns, Golden dragons, fairies, divas, mermaids, dolphins, etc., as well as, the Angels, Archangels, including all of the Galactic brethren that are surrounding the Planet, including those upon and within Earth are flooding All of Earth with this Love Light.

You, our guarded select ground crew light-workers are anchoring this around you and into the Earth to be the rainbow bridge through all of this.  If you remember to go within often to connect to the Love Light within you, to strengthen yourself by connecting to those around you in form or formless with Love, the higher octaves can be connected to and anchored with ease and grace.  Hydrate, rest, ground and follow your Light Body guidance and intuition of what to do and when.  This is a glorious time to be upon the Earth.  Be in Joy and radiate that Loving Heart, your Divine Mother Father God Heart to proudly carry upon this new now Earth. You are blessed beyond measure.

We salute you, as this will activate the higher energies to allow more limitations to be transcended throughout this process.  Feel more of your crown chakra opening with the Light Violet White Flame as you bask yourself in the Violet Flame often; this will attract more of the White Light to you.

Adonai dear Brothers and Sisters of love,

Lord Melchizedek, Lord Metatron, and the Mahatma, known as the 3M’s ^_^

Remain in Calm, Peace and Balance of Love

Within Love, we Elohim Peace and Aloha step forth together in Oneness of Heart to converse.  Dear Ones, much cleansing to become pure is still in process, the great purging is underway.  Earth continues to be bathed in Love, as is all of her inhabitants to be able to ascend into ever higher dimensions.

It may feel like a battle to some, yet if they rest and continue to release, let go and let God, it is easier, done with the ease and grace of God.  The more you/All remain in the Love Light of calm, peace, balance of love the gentler the process is.  This tsunami of Love Light is releasing the old so that the new can take its place, for new ideas and creations to commence.  That is why so much help is here for the asking, and within the Universal Laws, you must ask us for help, as we do not do so without the asking. Mother/Father God knew this releasing may cause Souls to accept the choice of not ascending, to rather go Home, so there are many Angels available to escort them there.

Yet, now the Light is ever closer to Earth for ALL to realize they never truly left Home ~ they, the Souls, are the Heaven on Earth, they never left, it is the illusion or Maya falling away.  You are all of the hologram of Earth, within the Light of the Universe, you are ALL the Source of Love, as your highest aspects never left the Light.  You are realizing this, and this is part of the first Event, the awakening.

Dear Ones, please hold steadfast to the Light within you, to shine it forth around you, to be this truth of Love, as you keep holding this Peace, Love and Joy in your Heart for the Highest outcome for All!

Abundance of Love,

Peace and Aloha ^_^


The Brilliance of Your Inner Devotional Light

I, Lady Nada of the 12th Dimensional Andromedan Council bring forth a loving and heart blessed message for ALL upon the wings of the Peace Dove.  The inner devotion to the Christ Light is expanding within you and the other Lighted ground crew to create the New Now Earth for the highest outcome for ALL.  Creating with Elohim Peace and Aloha (The real meaning of Aloha in Hawaiian is that of Love, Peace, and Compassion), for prosperity, to know that the Ascended Master teachings are always received in Love of the Heart.  Hearts are healing, Souls are healing, while the Aloha and abundance are free flowing once again in the brilliance of the “Light-Hearted” Souls upon the Earth, as they release more and more of the old ways of seeing, being and doing.

Feeling from their hearts with compassion and understanding, to come together for the betterment of ALL.  The Lightness of being is allowing Joy to fill the Hearts of many who have been “down”trodden, pulled into the muck and mire so “often”, feeling they were the only ones holding the New Now Earth.

Many are feeling and have come to find they are continually surrounded in the Light and “Aloha” to feel polished, lighter and brighter to FEEL this 7th Golden Age dawning.  The new Renaissance Rising and Lifting All into Peace, Joy and Aloha that ALL have been imagining in their Hearts, now Overflowing with Light and Love.

Thanks to ALL of humanity that are doing the inner devotion work to free ALL, to BE who they truly came to be in Unity and Oneness.

Heartfelt Hugs and Blessings of Love,

Lady Nada ^_^

International Divine Feminine/ Masculine Balance Day

On this International Women’s Day to Bless and Balance the Divine Feminine and Masculine within us of the 8 of the “As Above, So Below” in the Light of the Most Radiant ‘One’, I Lady Esteelo along with my Divine counterpart, Lord Esteela, the 7th and 8th Elders of the Throne of Grace of the 4th Ray of the Crystalline Flame, step forth to strengthen the Balance, Harmony and Peace for Mother Earth and Humanity to connect ALL to their Hearts in Oneness.

Allow your self to Feel this Balance, Peace and Harmony that is being imbued upon Mother Earth this day and night.  Reinforce your resolve to work together in Harmony and Oneness for the Betterment of Humanity and every living thing upon the Earth.  Separation is coming to a close, Balance is key within Unity, Oneness, Togetherness in Love, is what invigorates the Bonds of the Heart.

Remember the Earth is your Home, without her you would not BE sustained by her.  It may seem like a play on words or worlds, yet without H(er), it would not Be the Earth it would be Eart and without H(er) it would not Be the Heart.  Also, hear your Heart for it is connected to the Heart of the Earth, the Universe of Love and the Source of All That Is.

The He or Her does not matter, if they are balanced, within their center, they are balanced in their divine feminine and masculine, to see, be and sense that they are in Oneness of ALL things of ALL Life.  Everything we do, say, think, and believe affects ALL others and therefore, the Universe.

Feel this message with your Heart, absorb the Golden Light that emanates and intertwines throughout the Divine Oneness within the Divine Mind to feel and experience the calm, stillness, expansiveness of the Mind; the Universal Mind of Oneness through Peace, Harmony and Balance within.  To exude this, to BE this, is to exude and BE the Love of the Universe.  The Universal Love of ALL That Is.

Peace BE with you and you BE only Love,

Lady Esteelo and Lord Esteela  ^_^

Brilliant Love/Light lifting everything in the Galaxy

I, Lady Ralyio of the Second Ray of God’s Love and Wisdom, the fourth Star Elder that surrounds the Throne of Grace of God wish to address Humanity.

It has been a very long time since this Light has shone upon the Earth.  The Light and Love is much needed to bring in the foretold Seventh Golden Age of the New Earth.

So many glorious Star-seeds have stepped down from the higher dimensions, gone through the muck and mire of the old lower dimensions, to cleanse their inner hearts, to fine tune their inner devotion to the Light to connect to their true inner wisdom, which can only be accesses through Unconditional Love of the Christos Light.  This is not only re-igniting their Love/Light, yet clearing the pathway Home with ease and grace with the Unconditional Love to help humanity to remember who they are and have always been (whether it be now or at sometime of Earth’s future).

This is what those that have ascended here prior or somewhere else within the galaxy came to Earth to do in this lifetime.  To remember their Mastery within the Light and to carry this inner Light devotion, to share it with ALL THAT IS, the Source of Unconditional Love, wherever they are in the Cosmos.

This brilliant Love Light is lifting everything in the galaxy ever higher, releasing the dross of separation to feel Oneness of Heart, Compassion, Caring, Sharing of ALL the Abundance of Love the Cosmos of Love Light Always Is!  Expansion and Evolution of the Heart of the Cosmos.

Blessings, Always and Forever,

Lady Ralyio ^_^


The Golden Age strengthens daily upon the New Earth

I, Lady Fratia come upon the wings of the Peace Dove.  All God’s children are feeling lighter, brighter, polished and more peaceful due to all the love and light bursting forth in the hearts and souls of humanity.  The tsunami of love from the Galactics and Galactic Center is reaching deeper into the Earth’s core, igniting her, balancing her and strengthening her as the sacred sites awaken and grow stronger as well.

Yet, this time around as this new Golden Age strengthens daily upon Earth, it is intensifying daily within those that chose to be here to BE the change bringers.   As their light and love heightens their resolve within, they expand to bring this ever stronger and brighter to those around them.

Whereas the ley lines of old Earth were fractured, tattered, broken and worn, the new ley lines are now being strengthened  ~ not within the Earth, but upon the Earth, through the balanced, loving hearts which are within the Way-showers, torch bearers, Millennial’s, and children whose hearts are expanding once again as they truly remember who they are ~ A Divine Spark of God, the Eternal light they brought from Home.  As they renew and fortify themselves their flame intensifies to burn brighter, more steadfast, as they remember their true origins they bring this love from the heart of the Universe to truly create the New Earth from Love, Peace, and Abundance of Joy!

So keep shining ever brighter, as all doors to your hearts true loving desires open, it allows others that are weary and worn to bask in your Love Light to be replenished in the Eternal Flame you brought from Home with Joy!

With Peace and Aloha,

Lady Fratia, of the Sixth Ray of Inner Devotion and Spiritual Idealism, the 12th Star Elder that Surrounds the Throne of Grace of God.  ^_^



I, Lady Nada of the 12th Dimensional Andromedan Council bring forth a loving, joyous, and uplifting message for ALL.  Much change, turmoil, truth is coming to the surface now upon the Earth.  Remember Dear Ones, to remain in your calm, peaceful center,  speak and live from your Heart and let go and let God handle the details, so they may come forth for the greatest good for ALL.

We in the higher realms are embracing ALL, as this phase of ascension continues. Remember to ask us to join you in all rituals, meditations, decrees and prayers.  Hold diligent and strong to your/our unconditional love.

When “times”(we mean Earth times) get stressful, go within to connect to Oneness, to Now time, the eternal peaceful, unconditional Love to feel Peace within to then exude it without, as your Soul resides in the Eternal Heart of Oneness of the Now.  Be the Peace, you came to BE.  You hear it said upon the Earth all the “time”, Now is the “time” to strengthen your inner resolve as more of the old ways fall away, so all feel peace around you.

BE your PIECE/PEACE within this loving gigantic puzzle to hold the JOY of the New/Now Earth coming together in Unity, Oneness, and Unconditional Universal Love Once Again!

Adonai, dear Brothers and Sisters of love.

Your loving sister in Heart, Crystal Sunclear  ^_^



Alignment with Your Star Brothers & Sisters of Love

My heart and soul have a loving message for humanity from ALL the Hosts of Heaven.  We collectively Unite in Oneness during this blessed season of giving and receiving, joyfully from the Heart of Oneness.  This is the true blessing the Universal Love of Mother/Father God that is being brought forth from Gaia all around you, as you light her up as you walk with Love upon her, as well as, when your heart is open to receive all the love that you breathe each and every Now moment as you/we all move to expand more in the Christos Light of Universal Love that increases daily throughout this blessed season.

You and Gaia are coming back into alignment with your Star Brothers and Sisters of Love.  Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Orion, Pleiades, Andromeda, etc. are all aligning more to Galactic Center, The Great Central Sun to BE in alignment with ALL That Is.

Source, God, Angels, Masters, Buddha, Allah, etc. are ALL pouring forth their love and light, so take time to rest in, play in these energies, meditate to connect the love of the As Within, So Without, breathe deeply to release the old restrictions, attend to much needed self-care and nurturing (you’re nurturing Gaia too), just allow yourself to Be in this glorious uplifting, all embracing tsunami of love to share it wherever and whenever you are for You Are Sharing it With All That Is.

You have longed for this, asked and prayed for this, so be heart open to receive!  You are One with ALL Life, Always have been, Always Will be ~ Eternal Love, Eternal Light ~ the Soul Center Within You in Onenesss, United with ALL in this glorious Heart of Love!

I have been silent for far to long, so soul says, and our light and love are once again to BE SEEN.

Heart Blessings,                                                                                                                                      Crystal Sunclear of Divine Love